These web pages are set up to help guide people, of all ages, on how to learn the Basic Chords on Guitars with 6 strings.


On this web site you will find the basic chords: A-B-C-D-E-F-G with a few extras.


I do hope you find these pages helpful and easy to follow as well as understand.

Thank You and Best of Luck on your learning the Basic Chords and More on Guitars!

"Let The Arts Take You There"


Please feel free to use what information is currently available on these pages.

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A Chord
A Minor Chord
A 7th Chord  
B Chord
B Minor Chord
B 7th Chord
C Chord
C Minor Chord
C 7Th Chord
D Chord
D Minor Chord
D 7th Chord
E Chord
E Minor Chord
E 7th Chord
F Chord  G Chord G 7th Chord

"Let The Arts Take You There"

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